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December 21, 2010 / Neurotypical Me.

Sensible advice – honestly!

It has occurred to me that I have not passed on any sensible advice for those of you who may wish to venture to, or return to, NYC. I have decided to put together some helpful hints which could be stored away for future use.

Firstly, I am going blind so I can’t tell the coins apart but one would assume ‘biggest to smallest’ held some currency, so to speak, wouldn’t you? This is not the case. a dear friend of mine who is currently living in Rome, used to live in Washington DC. He has informed me of the following: the  little copper – 1 cent – is known as a penny, the medium-sized silver coin with our hero, Thomas Jefferson, on one side and his gorgeous home, Monticello, on the back  – 5 cents – AKA nickel. The tiny little silver – FDR on one side and 2 branches and a torch in between them on the back – 10 cents – AKA a dime. The large silver – George Washington and a bald eagle – 25 cents – AKA a quarter . People refer to these coins by their name, not their value. (Thanks Slip)

Secondly, this may help on most street corners. if a seven foot Jamaican man comes up and tries to sell you a city bus tour, listen to him but don’t buy anything. This is because his beautiful lyrical voice will woo you into a sense of false security – because you won’t understand a thing he says. Equally, he will not understand you.

Thirdly, if you have a pet do not tie it up out the front of a shop for more than 3 hours or you will be fined $275. Each time you are fined the amount goes up. If you think about it -the dog would be a freezy pop after an hour so what the hell? Three hours? I am not going to even go there.

It is really important that you learn that there are telemarketers who are virtual. I am not joking. The phone rang in the apartment on day 2. I answered it, A kind of super creepy nice voice spoke fluently about the need to offer financial support to your local NYPD. There was an implied undertone :to keep the streets safe. And your street in particular. I kind of froze. Then I said that the family of residence were not home and he cut right in over the top of me and said, ‘Oh, alright then. I will ring back another time.’ Before I could say anything he hung up. Since then we have had quite a few virtual guys calling us. It is spooky.

Finally, the F and C weather thing. This is the weather forecast for this week below. If you come to NY in winter you need to know that 32F is zero in celsius. Maybe we will be lucky enough to have a white Christmas 🙂


Dec 22


Dec 23


Dec 24


Dec 25


Dec 26

Mostly SunnyMostly Sunny Partly CloudyPartly Cloudy Mostly SunnyMostly Sunny SnowSnow SnowSnow

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