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December 22, 2010 / Neurotypical Me.


I know I am banned from using that acronym – but I really mean it. It happened today. No foreplay, just bang straight in. I fell in love with New York City. We had so much fun it is unbearable.

The lower end of the Upper West Side of Central Park (in others words, bottom left is us)
It started on the subway from Lincoln Square, near our apartment, to Penn Station – which we actually missed, but more about that later. Four African Americans jumped on our carriage and the front man said, ‘Here we are!”. Of course we all looked up and they broke into a perfect four-part harmony of ‘Let it Shine’. It was amazing. They handed out CDs and people put money in their bag. I had ‘new girl’ jitters so I hesitated one second too long before they left – how much would have been reasonable? I can’t believe how all the people we deal with are boundlessly friendly and should all have their own TV shows. You should try getting the attention of a sales assistant in Hong Kong, who has a mobile phone, an earpiece for music, a register and a TV screen to look at before she even looks at you. We were ushered from the front of the Empire State Building to the point where we were kindly deposited back onto the walkway, having being cared for all along the way past one of the most amazing views I have even seen. Has anyone done the Tour Eiffel – scary lift operators? 

When I say we undershot our station, I really mean those fabulous singers distracted us! We ended up near Grand Central Station so we went in there and were blown away by the architecture. Then we went underneath which is like a beehive but we were subway savvy by then so we found our way to the Empire State.

After lunch we went past Macy’s which was having a ‘One day of the Year Sale’. This, my dear friends, is where I shall leave the blog because I want you all to love me when I get back. I will say one thing though; Levi’s were $32. Even the boys were excited.

One the way home, several hours later we saw the lights come up on the Lincoln Centre and the two big Chagall’s were beautifully lit.

Trust me - the Chagall's looked great before the Beautiful Deer appeared.

The only distraction was yet another Salvation Army guy ringing those damn bells like there was no tomorrow. How can you make little bells sound so cool and look like you are having the best fun ever – all day? I might have to ask one of those guys before I leave.

Will went home via the Julliard Store and got, wait for it, another Charlie Mingus book. He is now hunched over his guitar picking out the ‘new bits’. I wonder about the new bits myself.

Home to Marcel’s pizza and Corona night and someone said something about cutting RJ’s hair – what the?

The Empire State and friends



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  1. traveldogue / Dec 22 2010 11:51 pm

    His Lis,

    Continue to enjoy your blog, but you know how I feel about animals, and I’m concerned about those tied up outside a shop:

    1. What bastard would tie up an animal for 3 hours, except if it’s a horse or a camel, and I haven’t seen one of those in Manhatten for a while? Unless it’s got a police officer on it – the horse, not the camel.

    2. What does the parking officer do? Put a chalk mark on an animal’s leg each hour?

    3. Where does he place the infringement notice? Isn’t there a law against that?

    Like the pic with Will and the flowers at the John Lennon memorial. Want to see a pic with you listening to a big Jamaican, with a close up of your face. You are very expressive. The photo would be a hoot.

  2. Ronni / Dec 22 2010 11:59 pm

    I am confused, please dont leave the blog…..its fantastic, or did you mean leave it just for now…

    • traveldogue / Dec 23 2010 12:17 am

      Beautiful Ron,
      I meant that because I want you to keep loving me, I will leave the details of our shopping expedition off the blog. I won’t leave you baby!
      Love Lis

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