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December 24, 2010 / Neurotypical Me.

Plugged up Blogger

If Marcel asks me one more time if he can have a marshmallow shooter for Christmas, I may just get him one. They are on all the catelog(ue)s we get in the newspapers. They are like water shooters but they shoot marshmallows.

He and Will bought home a little Christmas tree for the lounge room last night. I am sure that it was a hint. We do have a little gift or two for each other for the 25th so we have made the cards and wrapped the gifts up and put them under it. Will has booked a restaurant called 8 1/2 for Saturday. I am not sure if that means we have to eat food off each other or whether we have to duck under a low ceiling to get in and out? I’II let you know.

People keep saying Happy Holidays to us, which covers all celebrations in this neighbourhood.

You can't fit a marshmallow shooter under that!

This morning RJ and I decided to go over to 185 West end Avenue and meet Dr. Baskin. We have recovered from our colds but I have been plugged up in the head for too long. We made the appointment with a lovely man who said, ‘Call me Sword’. He chatted with us when we got there and helped us fill in forms while a man in a white shirt kept smiling and walking past and answering phones and questions, and then coming back in a red shirt and doing the same thing. When he wore the red shirt he took us into a small room and started asking us questions. He started with me. I got all the questions wrong and eventually he and RJ chatted. They decided I needed a closer examination and concluded that I had a sinus infection. Then the doctor told RJ the details of  what I needed to do to recover and left the room. We sat and stared at a photo of two identical faces smiling at us from some exotic suntanning location. There are two Dr. Baskins. I can only vouch for one but he was nice. He came back in, gave RJ the prescription, shook his hand and said, ‘Good luck son. I know you will look after the world a lot better than our generation did’. We wrapped ourselves up again and left.

I have been looked after all day. Will took me up the road to see The King’s Speech – which is excellent. The boys went up to the markets near Central Park because they really love hanging up there, especially near the Tibetan shop. When they got back Marcel made bolognaise. I came home to a lovely dinner and lots of good stories. It was very nice.

Hanging out at home

Just a foot note to the 8 1/2 point. When we were at Macy’s yesterday I asked the man in the men’s shoe store where to buy a belt. He said on the 1 1/2 floor. I laughed right out loud at him and he smiled at me. ‘Are you joking?’ I said. He put his head to one side, smile still firmly in place and said, ‘no’. Will said, ‘John Malkovich?’ The guy smiled wider and said he understood the confusion but that there really was a 1 1/2 floor last time he looked. When we got there a woman was in the doorway telling us to watch our step as we came off the old wooden escalator and I told her that a 1 1/2 floor was a joke right? She found this really funny and pointed to the sign above her which clearly announced Floor 1 1/2.

See, you can find fun in the dumbest things.



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  1. Tania / Dec 24 2010 7:07 am

    We have them here too – we call them mezzanines (means a floor between floors).

  2. Mali / Dec 29 2010 7:45 am

    now you just have to find platform 9 and 3/4. oh wait, wrong country.

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