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December 25, 2010 / Neurotypical Me.

Happy Holiday Eve

Look, Mummy can make like a marshmallow shooter!

Poor boys did not get a shooter, but something close 🙂

Merry Christmas Everyone! It is still Happy Holiday Eve here for us so poor old Santa is still in his sleigh pounding the clouds. We may leave out some extra whiskey for him tonight – we hadn’t thought about his ‘big day’ before now.

Here, on the 24th, we spent the day at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Madison Avenue, east side. Which picture could I possibly pick to put on this blog to give you any sense of what is in that building? We spent 6 or 7 hours there and we saw about 10% of what was there. Sigh. It was pretty amazing. Speaking personally, and I guess I can on my own blog, I was shocked by the fabulous colours in the Bonnard works. I fell in love with early Matisse, especially Harmony in Red. Of course Van Gogh was there….so many. The early Byzantine jewellery was breathtaking. Will loved the Francis Bacon (3 self portraits). RJ loved the Thangkas in the Tibetan Art area, especially the Mandala of Yamantaka. Yeah, I will leave that there. Marcel liked Cezanne’s and like…everything. Even having lunch you are surrounded by amazing sculptures.

We met lovely people above ground this time, on the buses. 5th avenue was very la la lovely.

We are at home playing cards with the art pack of 54 masterpieces of western painting we picked up at the MET . We also have a fairly nice Aussie red we picked up. No news of snow yet but we’ll keep you posted. Have a lovely Christmas everyone.

Lots of love and big hugs RJ, Marz, Will and Tallulah….wait, sorry…Lisa.

Arriving at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

We only just MET

You know this one, guys.....


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  1. Ronni / Dec 25 2010 4:00 am

    OH POOH!!! I tried to like that blog by indicating with the little up thumb thingie and it wont work….Happy Chrissy Eve to you gorgeous things… are doing sooooo much, truly impressed Tallulha….woops, are we missing someone furry???? Having a divine lunch,drinks,movies,drinks,chats,drinks….lots of love to ya’ll over thar….fingers crossed for a white chrissy morning xoxo xoxo

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