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December 28, 2010 / Neurotypical Me.

Apollo 63

Although we are all a bit jaded, Will’s enthusiasm to go back to Harlem and visit the Apollo carried us back on the MTA Uptown to 125th. It was a very cold and wet Harlem that greeted us.


One very cool dude, Lord Harrison…who was linked to…..Reverend Harrison at the Baptist Church…and Wu-tang Clan…and Russell Crowe (?) sold us his cd on the street…for $10, no $4…no $10 bucks. We are too scared to put it on when we got back but he reassured us that it was kind to women 🙂

Lord Harrison.

We wandered around and picked up the ‘vibe’ until we decided to eat. Everyone knows how much I hate Mac Dondald’s, but it was cold and we were we went to the golden arches in Harlem. There were signs everywhere stating that you had 30 minutes to eat and then you had to leave. Other signs said NO SOLICITING. A big man in a black suit with a walkie talkie wandered around the tables. Eventually he said he had called the cops and quite a few tables kind of emptied out. ‘I can’t be responsible for what the cops find on you when they come’, he said about twenty times. I played ‘peek-a-boo’ with a beautiful little 2 year old boy who was bored holding a table for his mum. When she eventually came back she had a small thing of chips and nuggets for him. I was kind of sad by then. Was it the universal image of mother looking after child, while going without herself? Was it the sad people who really just wanted to sit in Macca’s because it was warm? We ate up and left. Outside the sidewalk was full of all the people pretending to talk on their phones so that could come back in again after the lunchtime rush.

Same Macca's, whole different world.


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  1. Trish / Dec 29 2010 5:26 am

    OMG! You promised you would never let Maccas pass their lips! Well I don’t feel so guilty now (after I started Maddy on Maccas pancakes in1985!!!!! Yes Yes I know that was over 14 years ago!!! But she turned out OK!?!?!?!)

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