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December 29, 2010 / Neurotypical Me.


We have woken to the realisation that our days are now numbered. We have to visit the things we really want to see and revisit the things we loved before our days are up. I won’t bore you with the things we have done before….like the MET which I think one could do 50 times and still not see it all, or Grand Central which is really worth visiting from the front entrance, or the Chrysler Building that you really need to walk into…..wait, sorry I am going over old ground again.

Setting up for NYE in Times Square

I will try and sprinkle these next 7 days with new stuff only.

We started in Times Square again. ‘They’ kept releasing ticker tape from a window above the tourist centre. It will continue to happen until the big ball drops on NYE. It was packed with so many people and so many different languages, I felt like I was in Bladerunner but someone had turned the lights on! The jury is still out for us. No news on what we’ll do NYE yet.

We went up to the Rockefeller Centre and saw the ice-skating rink but the line was sooooo long that we just watched for a while and then went on. The Christmas tree there was HUGE. A lot of the buildings in the area are beautiful.

We discovered the NBC building and the lads found that pretty interesting. Each of them got a T-shirt from the Big Lebowski or Saturday Night Live…there was a lot of guffawing let me tell you.

Grand Central from the front.

The foyer of the Chrysler Building

I will  confess to a quick stop off at Mac cosmetics before we had lunch in a really nice Jewish cafe. I will also report, to RJ’s dismay, that the aforementioned cannot walk down a snow lined street. It somehow is physically impossible. He has to leap and bound from one large mound of snow…to another. Even in 5th Avenue, this is possible. Even in crowds such as we have experienced, he finds it possible. He also manages to miss the huge puddles, which I am not as adept at doing….bastard!

Taking a break from jumping to look at the architecture.



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  1. Ronni / Dec 30 2010 12:59 am

    You still have 7 days to go…..yippee….don’t dispare, just think how happy your puppies are going to be to get you all back home….You have done soooooo much and all that snow….as for referring to your eldest Giselle impersonator as a Bastard, there is something just NQR about that MOM…how does his father feel…:):) looking forward to the next installation….The picture you painted of the Macas moment is sooo 28 days later, spooky….hugs xoxo

  2. Denise / Dec 30 2010 7:58 am

    Naw…our hearts bleed for you, only 7 days left of a trip only the rest of us can dream about! Lol. Enjoy the rest of your time…you better do the the Times Square NYE thing or you’ll regret it later (don’t wanna make you jealous but we’re doing the 8.45pm fireworks on the tv thing). Be safe x

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