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December 31, 2010 / Neurotypical Me.

Einem Schonstem Tag

A beautiful day! We started at the Guggenheim. It is a lovely building to look at. It looks like an egg peeled like an orange. We got the elevator to the top and then walked around and around, added a few annexes, and kept going around until we got to the end! A bit like the Sydney zoo.  You are better off going down hill. The Kandinskys  were gorgeous colours and doodles. It is like he tried to paint sound vibrations.

Inside Guggenheim.

Outside Guggenheim.

Then we went down the street to the Neue Gallerie for a German lunch, complete with gluhwein! And no sweet bread in sight 🙂 The building itself is beautiful and you can see out the window to Central Park where all the kids are tobogganing down the slopes. The gallerie houses Klimt and Schiele sketches. The Schiele works are particularly strong with lovely lines. Marcel bought a book on him. I loved his saggy sunflowers, Scheile’s that is, not Marcel’s. There were also Character Heads by Messerschmidt – google them, they are worth looking at. He has captured extreme expressions that make you scrunch your own face when you look at them. At least, that was my experience.

We had some excitement on the way home buying our champagne and movie tickets (for tomorrow).  Every traveller’s worst nightmare. Our card was declined. When I rang the CBA a lovely man with an Aussie accent was impressed because I didn’t yell at him as the previous 5 callers had done. He informed me that this was a ‘communication’ issue between the US and Australia. I informed him that it was 4.48pm on NYE and probably explained the previous irate callers. He reassured me that it would up online ‘any hour now’. Will is trying to book tickets for the Village Vanguard and looks a bit sweaty 😦 as he waits.

You guys have been in 2011 for almost ten hours now. How is it looking? I have heard that the weather is good. We hope you had a lovely NYE and we wish you all the best for the other ….lots of others hours of 2011 to come.

Happy New Year 16 hours later.


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  1. traveldogue / Dec 31 2010 11:29 pm

    Wishing you and the lads a happy New Year. I continue to be entertained by your adventures. It will feel as though a sitcom series has ended when you return to Oz.

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