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January 3, 2011 / Neurotypical Me.

Carl Heidenreich

Winter street scene.

Modelo Prison, 1938.

The artwork in this apartment is amazing. We have found a book on the artist and realised that there is a strong connection between the people who have so generously given us this apartment and the artist himself. When Heidenreich had his works destroyed by the NAZIs he fled to Spain (where he fought in the Spanish Civil War and was caught and tortured), Paris (where he enjoyed some success as an artist) and then New York. Charlotte Sempell, daughter of a Westphalian industrialist, had married Russian-Jewish writer Chanan Klembort (Ayaldi) in 1937. The Klenborts looked after Carl and other artists , even to the point of feeding them and communicating with their families back in Germany. This all happened  in this apartment.  Heidenreich’s works are abstract expressionist. Please see the Modelo Prison painting. He paints himself in on the far left. My personal favourite is the balcony scene. It has a Chagall feel to it for me. I don’t have all the paintings in the catalogue so I can’t name them all. A lot of his earlier works were destroyed by the NAZIs but he painted into the 1960s.

The Balcony.

Street scene.


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  1. Stanley Mailman / Feb 15 2011 11:01 pm

    Is your apartment on the East side of Manhattan? If that is the apartment where Carl H painted in the sixties, I was there then for a show of his paintings. Nothing fancy but a lot of good art work and full of folks speaking English and German. I remember that Hannah Arendt was there. We have one of H’s paintings and I treasure it. sm

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