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January 3, 2011 / Neurotypical Me.

I remember you well…

…at the Chelsea Hotel!

The Chelsea Hotel

We started the day on a train to the United Nations. A clever friend of mine emailed me this morning and asked if today was a public holiday in NYC, thanks Tania, and I smiled and thought…ah! New York never shuts down…surely? Well this was true for the millions of store owners of Manhattan but no so for the UN. It was nice to see the building and the location on the water, but it was annoying that it was closed 😦 We did find a fabulous atrium inside an office block just up the road. It was as big at the building itself and full of trees and a water feature. It was a little oasis.

Ford Foundation Building Atrium.

We walked back up to Grand Central and caught a train to Chelsea. I haven’t been to Brooklyn yet but so far, if I were to live in New York, Chelsea would be my suburb. It is not just because of the Chelsea Hotel and the Leonard Cohen link. It has fabulous French cafes with real coffee and great pastries. It has huge and wonderful vintage stores. It has shoe shops with excellent names. It has galleries that you could just visit instead of museums. They house artworks by Warhol, Arman, Basquait, Indiana, de Kooning – just to name a few. Many had price tags over US$20, 000. Some had no prices. We all know that if you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it.

It really is that easy!

We had a fairly trouble free train ride back. Thank you to my dear friend, “Slippiani” who applauded us for not intervening during the train altercation yesterday. He emailed me and said that he did not take his own advice and tried to help someone in a similar situation once, and had a gun held to his head. We want to pause right here and thank you all for your advice, assistance and support, bloggees!



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  1. Trish / Jan 5 2011 1:36 am

    Love that red coat! Did you visit the Frick Museum? A ‘must do’ before you leave!

  2. Helena / Jan 5 2011 7:14 am

    Just got back from India and have spend hours pouring over your blog! I’m so jealous! Lis, you were right India is not my country. Chelsea (and Brooklyn) were my favorite parts of NYC too, just don’t send postcards from Chelsea post boxes, I sent you guys one from the one next the chelsea market and it never arrived!
    Have you seen a show?

  3. Mali / Jan 5 2011 8:44 pm

    :O :O :O shoegasm!

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