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January 8, 2011 / Neurotypical Me.

Post au revoir.

We, which I mean loosely –  because basically it was Will who was on fire, cleaned and got the apartment sorted. Marcel and I put our ‘disappointed’ faces on and went back to Best Buy on Broadway and got our money back on the modem we bought 🙂 There was a 30 day return policy and no questions asked so it was an offer too good to ignore.  Then we passed a shockingly good sale on yoga gear. Lululemon had tops with holes in the sleeve for your thumb  – which is my ‘dream’ shirt, and fabulously long legged pants. So I had to spend the money again.

Then we were ready to go. The driver arrived and we went out the front. Then we saw the sky. It had that kind of ‘green and purple’ look we get in Sydney when it is going to hail. In New York those clouds means it is going to snow. The driver, Ibrahim, confirmed that snow was coming and that a blizzard would blow in by the next day. This made us very sweaty as we were ready to fly back and we didn’t want to be delayed, particularly Marz but I won’t embarrass him by saying why he would be devastated if we were delayed. We drove over the famous Simon and Garfunkel 59th Street bridge and zoomed towards JFK airport. Big fluffy snowflakes kept wacking the windscreen but we decided to completely ignore them.

Is there snow in them there clouds?

Feelin' groovy.

We got to the airport and checked in, had good hamburgers for lunch and decided to get rid of our American dollars. We bought really sensible things like cow key rings with ‘I love NY’ written on them (yes, one is for you Helena). Will bought another snow dome. You get the idea.

The trip to San Francisco was dogged by constant attempts to make sense of flight times and time zone changes. None of us could work it out. It was a relief to be gone as the snow continued to fall. I don’t think people flying out the next day would be as lucky. The stopover in SF was quick and painless. We boarded the UA 863 to Sydney. The plane was also carrying the USA Paralympic team who were all applauded as they boarded the flight first. It kind of gave the 863 flight a ‘community’ feel I have never felt on a plane before. We were all very friendly and thoughtful towards each other; helping lift cases, swapping seats so late check-ins could sit together, stuff like that.

Dinner was served, we played a few hands of Diminishing Whists and then we all fell silent. Time just flew, so to speak. By the time we

Very relaxed flight home.

woke up RJ had worked out that the reason that we couldn’t get the flight time and the zones to match was because we were flying against a turning world. To figure it out we would need to add the world’s  turning axis into the equation. The happy discovery was that it took us so much less time to fly back from SF; it was only 13 hours. All that was left was just picking up the champagne in duty free, ringing my dad to say we were home safely,  getting a cab home and picking up the dogs on the way. Mali arrived with croissants and pastries. We added a little champagne and bingo – a welcome home party!

Welcome home.

Every time we feel like nodding off we go out the back and stand in the sun! Marcel is going to go down and get the fourth season of the IT Crowd for when we really start to fade.

I have to make a confession. I just didn’t feel right not doing my blog. So here I am again. Enjoy the lovely sunny day filled with clean air here in Sydney guys.

'Lullah and friend



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  1. Denise / Jan 9 2011 5:00 am

    Not that I’m suggesting you need it but did you know that there is a organization called “Bloggers Anonymous”…which offer a 12 step programme to Blog Addiction Recovery (BAR)?

    As I said not that you need it or anything.


    Welcome back to the future, Friday was uneventful.

    Look forward to seeing you!

    Welcome back to the

  2. traveldogue / Jan 9 2011 6:25 am

    Hello Lovely!
    We are still unpacking. I got up this morning, had breakfast and went to coles in the car with Ruben. I said to him that it seemed very deserted around our house? Was it a reaction to ‘country town’ Sydney after spending so much time in the very populated NYC?
    RJ said; Mum, it is 8.45 on a Sunday morning. Most normal people are still in bed.
    So you see – not quite adjusted to the time here yet.
    I have to do some boring stuff tomorrow but I am free until we go to Melbourne. I will ring and see what time suits you and Kai for a visit. I won’t bring champagne this time – maybe a tea cake or something?
    Love Lis
    ps: I am still blogging. I am addicted. I am just not publishing it.

  3. Trish / Jan 10 2011 4:48 am

    SO glad you are home safely! NOW I expect a daily update on ablutions, undies and all other things domestic and important to the over 50s!

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